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ORO Frame Kit

Why did we choose to offer you a custom-made Italian bicycle?

1. Because it represents an investment in quality, uniqueness, and passion. It’s not just a carbon bicycle; it’s bout experiencing an extraordinary cycling journey that goes beyond the most well-known brands. Our company is here to make your dream come true by providing you with a tailor-made bike that will accompany you on every ride and adventure. Each frame is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality materials, ensuring innovative and uncompromising construction.
2. Superior Performance: Italian artisan frames are designed to deliver exceptional performance. They are lightweight, responsive, and provide a smooth ride, which means you have a Formula One bike, arguably the best bike in the world, and can maximize your capabilities.
3. Customization: By purchasing an Italian artisan frame, you have the opportunity to customize your bike to meet your needs and preferences. You can choose the frame geometry, material, color, and other details to create a bike tailored just for you.
4. Unique Design: Italian design is renowned for its elegance and distinctive style. It’s a work of art just for you!

bicycle measurements
100% Made in Italy
lifetime warranty on frame

ORO Frame Kit


Are you ready for a new vision? We’re no longer talking about just a simple 100% Made in Italy artisanal carbon frame, but rather about efficiency, research, innovation, and aerospace-derived carbon, in short, a revolution.
We wanted to elevate the quality even from an aesthetic standpoint by creating a moving work of art and using pure 24-carat gold (gold leaf).
The Frame Kit, entirely made in Italy, includes: the frame, the fork, its seatpost, and the 2 thru-axles.

Colori e/o misure personalizzate, saranno accordate dopo l'invio dell'ordine

Weight kit Frame
1590 gr.
frame, fork, pivot, seatpost, headset, expander

  • 1590gr.
  • Msize
  • T800/T1000carbon
  • 3Kcarbon finish
Oro Ultegra frame


We’re talking about more than just a custom-made 100% Made in Italy carbon fiber frame; we’re talking about efficiency, research, innovation, and aerospace-derived carbon—a true revolution.
The complete frame kit, entirely made in Italy, includes the frame, fork, its seatpost, and the 2 axles.

Oro Ultegra seatpost


Completely made in Italy, this seatpost embodies perfection. We’ve pursued maximum aerodynamics while respecting aesthetics, and we’ve incorporated an adjustment mechanism that allows for precise forward, backward, and height adjustments. Weight? Only 179 grams in size M.
Inside the frame, you’ll find its concealed screw mechanism for perfect aerodynamics.

ORO Frame Kit tray


We wanted to push the limits by extending the chainstays to 405 mm and further stiffening the rear triangle with a low-profile carriage. The result is extraordinary: acceleration in every sprint, overall pedaling performance, unmatched agility, and handling. You can’t get any better!

ORO Ultegra fork


Aerodynamics, maneuverability, and Italian craftsmanship… we’re at the forefront of innovation!
100% Made in Italy. Weight: 380g in size S.